[:en]APA – a joint venture between Thailand and Vietnam – is one of the top-leading veterinary medicine manufacturers in Vietnam. Our factory has been certified GMP-WHO since 2015, with average capacity of 10,000 MT/year, high-tech mechanical system and modern equipment. We are constantly developing, to offer our customers products with the highest quality and reasonable price.

Currently, APA has more than 300 products meeting the demands of the livestock sector domestically as well as internationally. Our product types are anti-inflammatory, vitamins, kinds of enzymes, probiotics, parasites treatment, hormones, drugs and antiseptic environment treatment. APA products are widely appeared in not only Vietnam but also many countries in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and etc.

Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world. Together with farmers, customers, governments and communities, they help people thrive by applying our insights and 150 years of experience. By innovating Empyreal, Cargill has gradually marked the growth in the market.

APA Board of DirectorswelcomesCargill representatives at APAfactory.
APA Board of Directors welcomes Cargill representatives at APA Factory.

Empyreal 75 – a naturally pure, consistent source of protein, every shipment, and every time. It is a high-energy corn protein concentrate that provides aquatic feed manufacturers with a unique and consistently pure source of protein. In details, by practical research, Empyreal is confirmed to be high protein concentration sources (75%), highly digestive, and cost-effective. It also allows internal fat binding of up to 20% in the diet; improves cell structure and binding characteristics to create a better feed; provides waterstable, cost-effective source of methionine; and has so many other great benefits. This ensures a safe and balanced protein source.

Empyreal 75.
Empyreal 75.

Started selling in the year of 2015 in Vietnam, until now, Empyreal 75 has gradually replaced fish/squid meal which is expensive but instable in quality, applying for farming by mixing for feed. This is proved by that the sales volume is really good in Vietnam market, particularly in feed mills of feed for catfish, tilapia, and snake-head fish.

In the morning of September 23rd – 2016, at APA factory in Long An Province, a visit took place successfully and beautifully between representatives of APA and Cargill USA, in order to publically announce that APA officially becomes the exclusive distributor in Vietnam of Empyreal 75 from the year of 2016.

A storing place of Empyreal 75 at APA warehouse is always facing to be almost empty; for the reason of high demand in local market of Vietnam. When Empyreal containers arrive at port and customs clearance is finished, they are delivered directly to warehouse of customers.

APA Board of Directors and Cargill representatives at warehouse of Empyreal 75.
APA Board of Directors and Cargill representatives at warehouse of Empyreal 75.

For more information in details of the product – Empyreal 75; Please kindly contact:


Ms. Thuy (Sales Staff)

Email: diemthuy@apanano.com


With precious things brought by Empyreal, as well as efforts of APA and Cargill USA; a successful business is totally expected.

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